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Direct flights to Cebu with stop over:
Singapore, Hong Kong, Doha und Kuala Lumpur, also daily flights from Manila and Davao.
You will find us at the South edge of Argao. Along the national road which leads to the South of  Cebu Island. Woodruffs Beach Resort is located directly at the beach.
You have three options to reach Argao, which is located 90 km south of the Mactan International Airport (Cebu City):

If desired, we will pick you up with our own car at the airport. Send

Taxi costs about 1.200 Php. Before you start by taxi, make sure to have an arrangement with the driver about the cost.

Cheaper and more impressive:
By local bus, a bit more complicated, too. Take a taxi from the airport to the South Bus Terminal (about 250 Php). Search and take a bus going south (Bato-Oslob), aircon buses are available. Tell the conductor our address, he will stop in front of our resort. 

Our Beach Resort can be seen from the road!

You can find us at the edge of the village Argao - directly at the beach - on the national road which leads into the south of the island of Cebu (Oslob).


Here, you can forget the hectic life everyday and enjoy swimming in peace.
Or sun-bathing or just reading a good book seems fun!

Ease on the grass while you enjoy a fruit cocktail.

Looking at the majestic curvature of the island and the endless sea...

The sound of the man-made waterfall and the cool atmosphere of the pool invites one of being lazy.

The pool can be seen from the terrace-bar.

Apart from various activities - offshore or in water - you can also frolick on a beach chair and ease simply under the sun.

From our front yard - you can have a beautiful view of Bohol Island.

Island of Bohol lies approx.
30 Km from Argao at any time by booked boat routes by  Woodruffs Beach Resort.

Cebu panorama from Woodruffs Beach Resort.

The sea view calms the soul and comfort the aching heart.


From the Pavillion you have a view of the Woodruffs Beach Resort as well as the Islands of Bohol, Panglao and Balingasag.

Pavillion by night is breathtaking!

Enjoy a moment of peace for your soul...

Experience the sunset.

View from the Pavillion of the terrace-bar and Resort accommodation.

The complete painting of Woodruffs Beach Resort is implemented into tender PINK.

What is marvelous on WOODRUFFS BEACH RESORT is the situation.

With us you can experience sunrise and sunset from the Pavillion!

                                 Reservation is welcome anytime!
Of course, we answer your questions and also consider your desires.

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